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Top Girls Birthday Party Games For An Awesome Party - Birthday Songs With Names

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Hilarious Birthday Party Games For Kids Adults - Play Party Plan

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Slumber Party Games Ideas For 11-Year-Old Girls Ehow

A husband and wife are invited to a weekend sex party. My story begins in the summer of 98. My wife andi had just moved into our new home in a suburb of chicago. The next day our neighbor cindy johnson came over with a pie she had baked especially for us and she told us that she just wanted to welcome us into the neighborhood. It wasnt long beforemy wife andi started hanging out with the johnsons. One evening my wife invited them over for supper. The four of us sat around talking until nearly midnight. The conversation started out innocently enough but eventually we started talking about our sexual lives. Johnson explained that he and his wife are very opened minded about sex, and that theylove trying new things. Then he asks if we had ever been to a swingers party.

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Great Slumber Party Games For Girls - My Teen Guide

He then went on to explain that at these parties men and women can meet in a non threatening environment to share love and intimacy and even share each others partners. At this pointi was beginning to sense where he was going with all this. I was also noticing how cindy was looking at me. She isa very pretty woman with short, blond hair, small, firm tits, and sexy legs that go for miles toher tight, round ass. Johnson, his first name was robert, was noticing the attention his wife was giving me. I kept looking at my wife to see how she was reacting to all this. Johnson told us that they would be having a party in about week and ask if we would be interested in coming. Hetold usit would start at 700 pm and would last all night if we wanted to stay. Even as he said this, cindy was smiling and winking at me, andi felt myself getting at hard on just at the prospect of having sex with her.

The next day, after some discussion, my wife andi decided to accept the invitation. Now we are not exactly swingers but we have an open mind about sex, and we are also opened to new things. Alsomy wife andi have always been curious about what goes on at a swingers party, and this would be an opportunity to find out, and beside we could always leave if we wanted to. I told my wife to go ahead and tell the johnsons that we would be coming.

I also ask my wife if the thought of fucking robert appealed to her. Only if the idea of fucking cindy appealed to me, she answered with a smile. I am sure that she had noticed the way cindy had beenlooking at me. I felt my cock getting hard again just thinking about it. It was on a saturday eveningwhen my andi arrived at 700 pm sharp. She was dressed in a very short skirt and a low cut blouse, that showed a good part of her ass and tits.

Ohi am so glad you could come, shesaid smiling. Just come in and have a sit, she said, pointing to the sofa. My andi walked into the living room and sat down together. Robert was sitting right next to my wife. They had the lights down low and some kind of rock music blaring on a dv player. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light,i could see that there was already a lot going on. Some couples were kissing and fondling.

Over in the corneri saw two big breasted women locked in a deep kiss as they sat on a chair. They were both completely naked. Their hands were all over each other as they kissed deep and passionately,their tongues swirling around each other and exploring. As we sat there on the sofa, cindy went into the bedroom and came out dressed in a thin see through negligee. She then sit down right beside me with her legsup on the coffee table. Her perfume was so intense it was intoxicating. I am so glad you could came honey, she said, smiling and moving closer to me.

I could see that robert now had his arm around my wife. Do you mind ifi kiss your wife, he said. Beforei could even reply, he leaned over and kissed my wife on the mouth. That was really kind of nice honey. Do you mind if he does it againmy dick was already rock hard andi think that the expression on my face must have given them all the answer they needed.

This time he pushed his tongue into her mouth andi watched my wife return his kiss with deep passion. As they kissed one of his hands begin to massage my wifes tits through her blouse, and she begin to moan intohis mouth. I could now see my wifes tongue exploring his mouth and tangling with his tongue. For no reasoni reached over and squeezed cindys breasts. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. Oh now honey, i invite you to my party and you start getting fresh with me. She leaned over and kissed me passionately, thrusting her tongue as deep into my mouth as she could. She then stood up, pulled her negligee over her head, and tossed it on the floor, so that the only thing she was wearing was her bra and panties. She thensat down on my lap facing me. She leaned over and started kissing me again, deep and passionately.

It felt wonderful to be kissing her. Cindys voluptuous mouth, sucked at mine as though it were a delicious fruit, and her tongue seem to reach for some point at the back of my throat. I pushed my own tongue into her mouth to explore and do an erotic tango with her tongue. She was moaning into my mouth as we kissed and grinding her herself against my cock. I kept glancing over at my wife and robert who were still locked in their deep kiss. His working hand had removed my wifes blouse and bra, so that her big moutains stood out prominently, andicould tell by her moans that she was really heating up. One of his hands was actually between her thighs, frigging her as they kissed. As we continued to kiss cindys hand worked, between us, and with expert dexterity, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock.