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Nicole yi - associate editor, popsugar fitness 2015 - 2018 at popsugarview the profiles of professionals named nicole yi on linkedin. There are 40 professionals named nicole yi, who use linkedin to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. 2007 train wreck the life and death of anna nicole smith. Nicole yi - associate editor, popsugar fitness 2015 - 2018 at popsugarview the profiles of professionals named nicole yi on linkedin. There are 40 professionals named nicole yi, who use linkedin to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. 2007 train wreck the life and death of anna nicole smith. Men are more visually stimulated than women. Everybody knows that, right thats why theyve enjoyed pornography, in its various guises, for centuries while women have not. Sure, women like fashion and interior design.

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They enjoy beautiful landscapes and artworks. They gaze longingly at the posters of heartthrobs blue-tacked to their bedroom walls, as teenagers. But, when it comes to sexual images nothing. Their ability to respond is mysteriously switched off. I think thats complete bullshit, says erika lust, a multiple award winning 37-year-old pornographer. Her company, lust productions, pulls in around 1m a month from website subscriptions with a customer base that is 40 female. Women didnt like the pornography they saw in the past, she says. That doesnt mean we dont like any images at all.

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One of the worlds most popular free sites, pornhub, which is visited by 156m people every month, recently revealed that women make up a quarter of its global audience. Im not surprised by that figure, the veteran american sexologist dr pepper schwartz tells me. Schwartz surveyed 100,000 people about sex and relationships for her last book, the normal bar. We found that many women look at it. The industry is taking women as an audience very seriouslywith the internet, and particularly smartphones, the barriers to porn are gone few were the women with the guts to buy top shelf magazines or rent x-rated films from mangy-looking sex shops, however curious they were about their contents. But having a personal, internet-enabled device means being able to discretely access explicit material and thats changed things for many women. The runaway success of fifty shades of grey, whose buyers were 80 female, is almost certainly at least partially down to the same thing downloading an ebook or ordering on amazon is a lot less embarrassing than parading an erotic paperback at the till in wh smiths. Those aged between 18 and 24 - the generation that grew up with smartphones represent the biggest slice 35 of pornhubs female audience, with those aged 25-34 not far behind. Filmmakers expect girls currently in their teens to follow in their older sisters footsteps. As a result, the industry is taking women as an audience very seriously, says sharan street, the editor of the industry magazine, adult video news.

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Jacky st james left, whose subscribers are 50 female, directing a porn shoot. Jeff kogafive years ago, a new romance category was added to the avn awards the adult oscars because, street says, theres so much coming out in that genre. The people making these films are often women, and theyre deliberately trying to reach other women. Street describes romance films as little vignettes, with more context than a typical porno hes your boss at work, or youre giving in to an extra-marital affair. Youd be unlikely to use the word romance when describing the work of joanna angel or jacky st james, two of the most successful female pornographers. The strap-line on st jamess website runs, good girls like it bad. But st james, half of whose subscribers are women, does adhere to some of the characteristics street describes. I like to have a relationship established before the sex, she tells me. Unlike a lot of hardcore where they met five minutes ago. Erika lust centre and crew watch the action unfold on her monitor.

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Chio lunairest james is 38. When i was a teenager no woman even admitted to masturbating, she marvels. But younger girls are watching a lot of porn. Most people are surprised by this not least the many women who have logged on to explicit sites only to find nothing they liked. Claire, a 27-year-old management consultant, describes her typical experience with porn sites as going like this click play.

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Definitely no ok, the moments passed. What is she looking for im looking for a woman enjoying herself, she says. Instead, i find films of women being called sluts, who dont look remotely turned on. Im open to porn, like most of the women i know, but i often just find it off-putting and gross. There is a wave of content aimed at female viewers including whole new genres, such as films set in spas that start off like those promotional videos for luxury wellness centres, but end rather differently but its still a small slice of whats out there. The answer to bad porn isnt no porn its to try to make better pornyou only have to have a passing familiarity with the so-called tube sites free porn sites such as redtube, youporn and pornhub to know how easy it is to stumble upon clips of girls being spoken to in abusive terms, being choked and shoved, or just behaving like empty-headed morons apparently oblivious to the mens intentions and entirely impassive to the sex. At worst, its genuinely disturbing.

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According to pornhub, women are far more likely to watch lesbian than heterosexual porn. The student amy hart, writing in the nottingham tab, describes herself as straight as a ruler. But, she says, i dont want to watch a girl being aggressively f up the bum, it petrifies me.

Lesbian porn is less threatening its non intrusive and, generally, fairly gentle. Also, girls constantly receive oral sex in lesbian porn. Women search for cunnilingus on pornhub 900 more than men do. Much mainstream porn, says erika lust, makes women want to puke. Weve met near barcelona, the city shes called home for 15 years, in a flying club where shes shooting a film about an aviation lesson that takes an erotic turn. After a morning of sex scenes its time for lunch, and cast and crew have taken shelter from the 35 degree heat under bamboo awnings, tucking into topped flatbreads and salads.

As a political science undergraduate in her native sweden, lust grew increasingly frustrated with the fact that porn was, as she puts it, closed to women. There were no women involved in the process of making it. And the female performers were reduced by it.

The message she was getting was, nobody is interested in our pleasure, our sexuality - only in how we can make the man come. A lot of pornography peddles the notion that women are merely the tools of male pleasure, and many people are troubled by young adolescents exposure to it because of that. The former schoolteacher chloe combi spoke to hundreds of british teenagers for her recent book, generation z, and found that, sexual politics have taken a massive step backwards in the bedroom, with girls encouraged to be passive and boys aggressive.

She told me, theyre almost certainly imitating what they see in pornography. The feminist porn awards began two years ago to recognise explicit films that represent female sexuality more truthfully erika lust has won several. In the organisers view, the answer to bad porn isnt no porn its to try to make better porn. Adult performers carolina and luke hotrod shooting for erika lust near barcelona, spain. Chio lunairein 2005, lust began doing just that, shooting erotic films alongside her work in the mainstream film industry. Then, last summer, by which time she was married with two young daughters, she began crowd-sourcing fantasies from her lust productions subscribers, picking two each month to film for a new series of shorts called xconfessions. The series was an instant success.

It made millions of dollars in just a few days, she says. The company is now a full-time operation.

Lusts films have a dreamlike quality, often with little or no dialogue but a perfectly clear sense of the situation and the dynamic between the characters. She will often sacrifice what she calls gynaecological shots to capture a more authentic sex scene the opposite of most filmmakers, who insist on unlikely positions in order to get the performers opening up to camera. I show touch, intimacy, connection, lust says.

Women look for the mans expression, not just his body. A study published in the archives of sexual behavior in 2008 suggests lust is right.

It showed that while men stare far more at the faces and bodies of females when looking at erotic imagery, women gaze equally at the two genders, at the faces of the men and the bodies of the women. I didnt know if i could tell them nothe authors, the university of nevadas marta meana and amy lykins, conjectured that women identify with the female and are aroused by the mans desire for her, which they look for in his facial expressions more than his body. Which is not to say his body is unimportant other studies have shown women will respond to a smorgasbord of nude and sexual imagery except for men with flaccid penises. Their obvious absence of arousal turns women off. As well as including more shots of better-looking men in their porn, many female directors favour more normal-looking actresses over the conventional, silicone-breasted, porn star blonde. Joanna angel, whose audience is 30 female, believes her success with women is partly down to this. The actresses i work with look a bit more every-day. Women can identify with them. They feel like it could be them in my movies. And, she says, im known for having a lot of humour in my porn.

Angels material is unambiguously hardcore but it has a carry on-esque vibe that is worlds away from the viciousness of some films. The adult film director and performer joanna angel. Burning angelearlier this year, the documentary hot girls wanted, came out. It investigated the boom in pro-am - professional porn shot to look like the homemade videos of ordinary, amateur, teenage girls - showing a side of the industry many people are deeply uncomfortable with.

To maintain the illusion that these are leaked videos of regular girls, directors of pro-am will only shoot two or three scenes with each actress. The girls, who have been encouraged by agents to move to la or miami in the belief they have lucrative careers as porn stars ahead of them, are then told they can either go home or start doing violent, low-budget gonzo films. Returning, shell-shocked, from a gonzo shoot, 18-year-old ava taylor tells the documentary-makers, i was scared. I didnt know if i could tell them no. The nagging suspicion that this is what theyre watching - a woman in pain, doing something shes barely consented to - puts a lot of women off porn altogether.

Ava taylor before a porn shoot in the documentary, hot girls wanted. Netflixi prefer sites like make love not porn, where real couples upload films, says 24-year-old louise, a trainee accountant. I feel more comfortable knowing these people are doing something entirely voluntary. Many female film-makers share this concern - not least, says joanna angel, because the viewer can tell if people arent enjoying themselves. Erica lust believes this is particularly so for female viewers. Women are much more critical consumers, she says. Luke hotrod, the tanned, tattooed star of several erika lust films, including todays, tells me shes unusual among porn directors in contacting performers ahead of a shoot to find out who theyd like to work with and what theyd like to do. Jackie st james is known for doing the same thing. With most directors, says luke, you just turn up, meet the girl, and are told what youre doing five minutes before the camera rolls.