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This man, bill lexx, as i was about to find out, was standing in front of the third story mens bathroom window when i went to use it this morning. Outside the window, not inside the bathroom, but on the outside, in a suit, which i might add was not a three-piece, and he had taken his tie off his socks didnt match the color of his suit. I only noticed that because i sit down when i pee. I know a lot of men dont do that, or would never admit it, but i do. My grandmother taught me it was impolite to be heard using the bathroom, period. So, im sitting on the toilet, and this man, bill, i guess he heard me, because i had to put the toilet seat down, you know, so i could sit on it, and it clanged against the porcelain base of the toilet. And he turns around and stares at me.

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Thank god i hadnt taken my pants off yet. Id sat down on the toilet to retie my shoes. See, margie, the secretary in my office, made me untie my shoes when she was getting off the elevator. I mean, accidentally, made me untie them. She goes down to the basement to smoke instead of outside, says she cant completely appreciate a cigarette outside.

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I had walked a little past the elevator, not meaning to not speak, and then felt guilty and didnt want to be rude so i turned around to speak, and in the process of turning around, i stepped on my left shoestring. So, i took the stairs up to the next floor to go to the bathroom. The bathrooms werent designed with common sense in mind, just the safety of each gender. The building itself has only had one renovation, and that was out of necessity due to camille, back in 1969. Nothing else has ever been done to alter its appearance, not even for convenience. It found its way onto the national registry, about a hundred years after it housed confederate soldiers now, it exists to depreciate history. And right as i got to the third floor, i saw mr.

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Thats how my other shoe got untied because i stepped on my right shoestring when i saw him, but i couldnt stop right then to tie either of them back because i thought yola had seen me, and even though i was just going to the bathroom, hed find some way to make me feel guilty for it. Hes now the number one man at the shipping office, and has been since mr. Leman was found dead floating around lake tia okhata, last july. Yolas a true mississippi gentleman he doesnt have any children. He was mumbling to himself and had a rather glossed look to his face i just went on to the bathroom, and sat down on the toilet to tie my shoes. And i dont know what i was thinking. But after i tied my shoes, and this man, bill, you know, is still staring at me i told him his socks didnt match his suit.

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He couldnt hear me the window was closed. I got up and opened the windowhowever, its that old kind of window that opens out instead of raises up, so i had to ask him, i had to raise my voice, to scoot over to the left a little bit so i could push the window out. I tried not to raise my voice, first, and mouthed back at him, instead. You know like you do when youre in a car and youre talking to someone else in another car, like at a stoplight, and maybe you know them. I motioned with my arms to indicate what i was asking him to do.

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Hot Teen In Very Sexy Dress Is Undressing At Road

After a second or two, he caught on. I pushed the window out, and then we had another problem. See, the windows are tall, and theyre plain glass, by the way, not frosted like in the ladies which all bathroom windows should be, and when i pushed them open, they split, you know, one went out to the right and the other to the left. And the left one, on bills side, got stuck. I did try to close it back when i realized he couldnt then step around it, but it wouldnt budge. If the left window had gone all the way back to the wall of the building, he could have gotten around the window and crawled back into the bathroom. But, as it was, he couldnt move, and the mens bathroom on the third floor is the last room on that floor, on the east side of the building. Basically, he was trapped.

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There wasnt any other window for him to go to. I leaned out the window, and looked through the glass at him. Hey i was just trying to tell you your socksdidnt matchyour suit. Then, you know what he did he started to cry. And i dont mean simple crying, i mean deep crying drool was stringing down from the sides of his lips, cutting off into drops falling the length of three floors. Yola fired bill, without remorse, without regret. Id passed him, yola, on his way back from bills office, apparently. The things i wouldnt have known if i hadnt gone to the bathroom, huhbill lexx and he was very exact with this, methodical said it took him six and a half minutes to climb out of the break-room window and around to this side of the building. He took two steps a minute, precisely, except at the corner. Bill lexx was very thorough about this process i imagine hes rather good at his job an accountant.

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He was also very anxious to explain himself. Of course, this side of the building faced the executive parking lot. Bill lexxs wife is pregnant with twins. Bill had a wonderful health plan through the company. Two months away from five years in the same position. Raises usually start around then.

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Lorena Garcia In Knee High Socks

It was the perfect job for a man of exactitude, as he seemed to be. Bill says he has no idea what happened to the money. I signed the papers, i signed off on them, the papersi know that it it it it it came to the office. She canshe sheshell tell you that margie may smoke, but at least shes efficient. But, then, i didnt really know alicia, other than shed worn a cotton antler headband with bells on them, at the last three christmas parties. You know, three stories is not all that high.

I mean its not so high that people cant notice you, especially when youre standing on the ledge outside of the building. But nobody even looked at us none of the people walking by paid any attention. What harm could it do if it helped him to realize what he was doing, if it helped him think rationally, you know, why not, id do it. Maybe in a bizarre way i was speaking for the company, you know, to him. At the same time, and it hit me all of a sudden, itit seemed an enormous responsibility for me to forgive this man. You know, when i first came to work here, the crisis management team, from community counseling their offices are across the street in the bancorp south building was hired by this company to conduct a seminar on suicidal tendencies in the workforce. Bill, i know you havent mentioned jumping off, from, from here, and i am hoping its because you are changing your mind if that was your original intention. I couldnt help but feel frustrated. Then, he started sobbing again.

Your wife is pregnant, bill you cant forget about that she needs you those babies will need you so you lost your job. Youll get another onei didnt believe that myself. Its hard to come back from being fired. Glass splintered everywhere, down to the ground and all over the ledge. I have a fear of ingesting glass my father was an alcoholic. This would have been a lot worse if wed been in a kitchen, i thought, be glad were not in a kitchen. His hand was bleeding, naturally.