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Today, may 6th, is officially the national day to prevent teen pregnancy. In honor of this occasion, the candies foundation is launching a campaign with actress bella thorne, educating teens about the potential consequences of teen pregnancy. One of the young mothers spotlighted in the foundation is kirstin fitzgerald, a 22-year-old who had her son just after her 18th birthday. Kirstin shared her story with teen vogue below, as told to phillip picardi. I guess you could say i was popular in high schoolit was fun because i fit in. I was a cheerleader and i did color guard. I was very outgoing, not shy at all. I mean, i lived in a small town in mississippi, so there wasnt much to do other than shop at the mall, but i also went to concerts all the time.

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Im a big dirks bentley fan and when i went to one concert with my friends i got to meet him because i was in his fan club. I ended up crying, actually, so he came up to me and hugged me because i was that weird emotional girl. Ive never been the type to party, and i never drank or did drugs or any of that. I was pretty much always at school every day until about 6pm for cheer practice, and then every saturday until noon for color guard. School was so important to me.

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However, i did have a boyfriend. It was the classic high school romance i was the cheerleader, and he played football, baseball, and basketball. He was the total cool kid. In the yearbook, he won most popular and most handsome. And yeah, he was handsome he was only 55, but he was muscular, and worked out all the time, and had curly, strawberry-blonde hair. I remember we met at a mcdonalds. He just walked right up to my car, looking all cocky, and asked right away if i wanted his number. We spent a lot of time togetherhe used to either come watch me during cheerleading or call me right after practice. He was 3 in football, and that number was everywhere, even on his white pickup truck. We rode around on his motorcycle and his four-wheeler a lot, or just went to the movies.

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We lived in mississippi, you know thats the kind of stuff you do. Neither of us worked, but we had each other. We were in our senior year, and our relationship was great. One friday night over christmas break, he got me some chicken for dinner, and it made me throw up. I told him that i was late, so we thought we should take a test. Finally, four positive results later, i realized that i was pregnant, and i just cried. That night, i looked him in the eyes and made him promise me that, no matter what, hed stay with me and wed get through it together. I decided to tell my mom three or four days later. I was on my way to the color guard christmas party, and i just sent her a text that said, im late.

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She responded, is there any way you could be pregnant and then, i said, i dont know. Finally, she told me she wasnt going to discuss anything more via text message, but i was too scared to face her alone, so i waited for my boyfriend to meet up with me. Then, she made me take another test, cried a little, and asked to be alone. After that, though, she was so supportive, and im lucky for that. My dad, though, was a different story. My mom asked me not to tell him until after christmas so i wouldnt ruin the holiday. When he first found out, he was in shock. We had a lot of hard conversations and played out a lot of scenarios.

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He kept telling me that i was giving up my college experience, that i would have to go to community college, and id never finish, so i should wait to have kids later in life when i could support them. I dont know what was going on with me, but at that point, i kind of felt like i was in love and i was going to have my happy family. It was naive, obviously, and i wasnt thinking clearly about how hard it was going to be. But i couldnt bring myself to ever think about having an abortion. The thing was, i wasnt on birth control and we werent using condoms. We actually had this crazy thought that one of us was probably infertile because i never got pregnant. We were teenagers and we didnt know any better. We lived in the bible belt, so sexual education was completely optional in high school, and almost nobody took it. They just thought we should know better. Before break was over, i told my two best friends that i was pregnant.

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One of them told her boyfriend who ended up telling his sister, and just like that, it spread everywhere. When i got back to school, the teachers looked down on me. Its a small town, so when one person found out, everyone did. It was just like the scarlet letter. As for the rest of my friends, it was a scene from a movie i got pregnant, and they ran away.

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I only had two people who stuck by me, my friends tyler and holly. Actually, when i really think about it, my mom became my true best friend. I guess i just wasnt as fun when i was pregnant, maybe i couldnt keep up with them, especially with their being seniors. Eventually, they all stopped calling. It was hard, emotionally, because i had to go through all of these physical changes and doctors appointments, and they were out having fun. I felt like an outcast, which was not me at all. I was used to being one of them. Five months in, it became clear that i wasnt just putting on weight anymore, and that i was definitely pregnant. I actually had tomia, and i gained 53 pounds worth of fluid. The worst part of it all was, the more i started to show, the more my boyfriend would pull away.

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I couldnt really see it at the time, but slowly he would stop calling me after practice, and he eventually stopped coming over. One day, he called me up at school and asked me to come eat lunch with him. He took me to the mcdonalds where we met, because all i ate during my pregnancy was chicken nuggets. And right there over our food, he said, i think itd be better for both of us if we took a break from each other for a while. We might get back tomorrow, you never know, i just think we should take a break. That was three days before prom.

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So, i didnt have a date to my senior prom and i was five months pregnant. Luckily, tyler rented a tudo so i wouldnt have to go by myself. Prom was miserable because my feet and face were so swollen, but i guess im still happy i went. I got to show everybody that i wasnt ashamed of my baby and i wasnt going to give up my life just because i was pregnant. But, god, my feet hurt so much my heels were cute, thoughi remember that much. And then i graduated, six months pregnant, but with honors i had even taken a college course. I was embarrassed because there were so many people watching me, but i was proud of myself for making it. Then, it was summer, and i could hardly move. I tried walking, but i didnt get very far. Finally, on august 1st, i had tavin.

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By that point, i was so ready to get him out of mei basically got off the elevator at the hospital and asked for the epidural right away. My whole family and my two best friends came and they stayed with me the whole time. He was born at 723 that night, weighing seven pounds, eleven ounces.

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